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4 door options for farm buildings

When it comes to farm buildings, door access and function are important. Today’s farm buildings often serve many purposes – so options to fit these varied needs are important. Whether you’re choosing doors for a new farm building or replacing older ones, there are various low-maintenance options to improve function and durability.

“From the different solutions available, like bi-fold doors to overhead and sliding doors, as well as customizable sizing, the options are as unique as today’s farm operations require,” said Greg Stefanyk, Lumber Manager at Dawson Co-op Home and Agro Centre.

Choosing the right door

Selecting your door type can be a tough decision, but it doesn’t need to be. It all depends on what works best for your operation.

Bi-fold doors

If easy access for large farm equipment is important, then a bi-fold door is a good solution. With large-width spans, they can accommodate even the largest toolbars, headers or other large equipment. Bi-fold doors have the added benefit of being full height, maximizing building access.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors can be a durable and lower-cost option for farm storage sheds or buildings. They are also full height and are a good choice for buildings without power.

Overhead doors

Overhead doors offer a vast selection of sizes and widths – giving you lots of options and flexibility. They provide insulation value, weather resistance and seal, as well as performance under winter conditions. If you’re looking for quick entry to a farm storage building for trucks or smaller equipment, overhead doors are a great solution.

Hydraulic doors

A relatively new concept, hydraulic doors swing straight out from the building. This option has become quite popular, especially for hangars. It requires additional bracing to compensate for the forces pulling the frame outward as well as exterior clearance for the door to swing outward as it opens and closes.

Choosing the right placement

Once you have chosen the door that works best for your farm building plans, it’s important to carefully consider its placement.

“The location of your door should allow you to take full advantage of the length of your building,” said Stefanyk. “It’s also important to remember north-facing doors are cold in the winter since there is limited daylight and sunshine, and south and west-side doors tend to get the most wind.”

If you are interested in learning about the possibilities for replacing or installing a door system on your farm building, visit the experienced team at your local Co-op to learn more.

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