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Building a better farm shop

The old barn ain’t what she used to be.

With new features, customized add-ons and durable materials, today’s farm buildings are bigger and better.

“A lot of producers are looking for machine sheds and shops, and the buildings are getting taller as the equipment is getting bigger and bigger,” said Stu Schellenberg, Co-op Home Centre Manager with Pembina Co-op in southern Manitoba.

“Producers typically know what they want, but we go through the different options in fine detail that maybe they didn’t know were available.”

Opening doors

Durable, long-lasting and maintenance free, steel roofing and siding have served producers well. Adding steel exterior doors can provide you with all the same benefits, but that’s not the only upgrade you might consider.

“Bifold doors are by far the best alternative to an overhead door,” said Schellenberg. “You’re getting full clearance. If you have 20-foot walls, you’re going to have 20 feet of opening. I’m seeing a lot more bifold doors driven by equipment size.”

The right light

Taller buildings demand high-bay lighting and producers have many options to choose from in this category.

The latest LED lights aren’t just energy efficient. Specially built for farm buildings and other large structures with high ceilings, these fixtures perform exceptionally well, providing up to 18,000 lumens.

“You get a much brighter light with a lot less lighting,” said Schellenberg. “You’re spending more dollars and cents on the initial fixture, but in the long run you’re producing a lot better quality light and being a lot more environmentally friendly.”

Get creative

Whether it’s the interior or exterior, there’s no shortage of ways to change the look or the layout of a shop.

But it’s not just about aesthetics. There are many innovative design options that enable you to work more effectively.

“Guys are putting accents on their buildings just to make them look a little bit less shop-like,” said Schellenberg. 

“They’re are also adding office space or building a mezzanine for storage. You see people investing a lot more into their shops that way.”

Curious about what’s possible? Across Western Canada, Co-op provides materials and solutions for all stud and post-frame construction jobs on the farm. Visit the experienced team at your local Co-op to learn more.

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