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Expand Your Farm Buildings

Tyrall Finlayson, of Quill Lake, Sask., recently had the Wadena Co-op help build his family a farm shop that measures 80 feet by 120 feet, with 20-foot-high walls. The shop was designed to address the operator’s need to maintain and wash large equipment while staying warm and dry. The family runs a fifth-generation farm, and their previous shop built in the 1960s was no longer adequate or functional enough to support their growing needs or equipment.

“With the shop’s taller walls, I'm now able to get everything inside – like our combine, tractor and swather – that I couldn't fit inside our old shop,” explained Tyrall. “Before when our equipment needed fixing, we had to wait on the weather. Co-op was very flexible, too. I had this rough idea on paper and took it to Wadena Co-op. They worked with me right from the start.”

For Tyrall, his shop plans were finalized, and the ground was prepped last spring. By fall, his shop was ready, featuring a large heated, insulated workspace with a customized wash bay that has a 40 by 20-foot opening.


Today’s farm equipment is a marvel of technology, but it’s not getting any smaller. One of the most common items on customers’ wish lists is a shop space large enough to accommodate the growing size of their farm equipment – either for storage or maintenance.

Co-op can help to bring your farm building visions to life – from developing the plans through to procuring building materials. Whether the plan is from a template or custom-made, Co-op provides flexible and modern solutions for storage and work.


Co-op has access to everything you need to plan and build a garage or shop, so farm customers get exactly what they want. Choose from a wide range of construction and finishing materials.


Whether you want to do it yourself (DIY) or have it done for you, Co-op can help. Ready-to-go plans for farm shops, machinery storage, livestock storage, hay storage and specialty farm buildings are available at www. agro.crs. If you have something specific or unique in mind, your local Co-op will work with a professional design service to build plans that meet your needs.


Co-op understands agriculture. With Co-op, you work with knowledgeable Team Members who have experience helping builders and contractors and as a result can anticipate your needs and deliver a higher level of service.


Dealing with one point of contact to supply all your building supply needs – from lumber and concrete to siding, roofing and doors – saves you time, hassle and money. Make the purchase at your local Co-op, and it will deliver the right materials when and where they are needed.

Time is money in farming, so having well-maintained equipment running when you need it is crucial to the business. That’s why ensuring you have the proper facilities to house and maintain equipment is key to success.

Local and easily accessible, your CO-OP® Home and Agro Centre is there to help with your next build, each and every step of the way.

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