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Feed Team trusted support for animal nutrition

Owned and operated in Western Canada, Co-op has a truly local understanding of the challenges that livestock producers face. From that understanding, the Co-op Feed Team was born.

At your local Co-op and across the entire Co-operative Retailing System (CRS), members of the Feed Team are there to help you raise healthy flocks and herds and support the local communities that they serve.

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Livestock success

The Co-op Feed Team is a network of experienced professionals at local Co-ops who are backed by qualified nutritionists, sales specialists and the manufacturing experts at Co-op Feed Terminals. Each day, this team is working to provide trusted advice to Western Canada’s livestock producers. Made up of experts who are passionate about livestock, the Co-op Feed Team is committed to continually developing their skills and knowledge about new products, practices and trends in the innovative and ever-evolving feed industry.

“Being a Feed Team member fuels my passion for wanting to provide the very best feed knowledge and information to my customers,” said Toby Newton, Livestock Specialist at South Country Co-op. “The backing of great nutritionists and the knowledge that we have the very best feed to offer our customers make my job a pleasure.”

Trust your local Co-op Feed Team to help you customize nutrition programs, monitor feed samples, measure body weights and assist you in raising healthy livestock.

Feed products you can count on

Our private-label feeds are made and packaged in Western Canada. Our brands include CALIBER® (horses), ELITE BREEDER,TM (cattle) and WHOLE EARTH® (swine and poultry). Local Co-ops also stock goat, sheep and other feeds to meet the nutritional needs of your livestock. The Co-op Feed Team ensures members are kept up-to-date on changes in the industry, nutritional needs for livestock and products available in-store.

Forward-thinking for tomorrow’s herds

With sustainability top-of-mind for most consumers and by extension livestock producers, the Co-op Feed Team also strives to stay current with sustainability practices that help Co-op members continue to evolve and adapt with the future in mind.

In addition to providing top-quality feed, your local Co-op is a one-stop shop for your farm or ranch operation, with products and services that include livestock equipment, building products, fuel, fertilizer and farm hardware.

To learn more about how Co-op can support your livestock operation, contact your local Feed Team member.

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