Grain Drying with Propane

Grain Drying with Propane

Farmers are making the business-savvy choice to get ahead this season with propane grain dryers. Propane is a clean-burning, reliable and efficient energy source. Farmers can depend on propane to responsibly run their operations both in and out of the field.

Benefits of propane grain dryers

Switching to propane dryers offers benefits, including reduced risk of crop loss, the ability to better manage quality control and increased longevity of storage times. The latest generation of propane grain dryers are up to 50 per cent more energy efficient – burning cleaner, lasting longer and being more cost-effective.

Dry Moisture Content for Grains

Wheat 14.5% Flax 10.0%
Barley 14.0% (malt) Canola 10.0%
Barley 14.85% (feed) Mustard 9.5%
Oats 14.0% Beans 18.0%
Rye 14.0% Peas 16.0%
Buckwheat 9.5% Lentils 14.0%
Corn 15.5% Soybeans 14.0%
Sunflower 9.5% Safflower 9.5%

*Government of Saskatchewan. October 2008. Natural Air Grain Drying. Retrieved from

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