Lubricant product selection made easy

Lubricant product selection made easy

When you go to choose a lubricant product, the variety of choices can be overwhelming. At Co-op, we understand that making the correct lubricant decision is essential to maintaining your equipment. So, when you come to us with a question about a lubricant product, whether it’s to compare products, or find the product that is the best fit for your equipment, we want to be certain we’re providing the right answer. Recommending the right product can make a world of difference for your equipment in the long run.

What is OATS?

OATS stands for Oil Advisory Technical Services. The program, founded in 1984, is the leading supplier of information and productivity solutions for oil companies all over the world. The OATS database provides lubricant information for over 1,190 Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), 111,000 models and over 786,000 compartments. Since adopting the program at some of our locations in 2017, we’ve been able to confidently answer lubricant-related questions for our members. Rest assured, if your local Co-op does not currently subscribe to the OATS program, they are still ready and able to assist you in finding the correct information regarding your lubricants and equipment.

The Benefits for Our Members

Equipment, lubricants, and manufacturer recommendations are always shifting as new technologies come to market or new research comes to light. The OATS database continually grows. In fact, it grows by around 15% each year, with new updates coming on a weekly basis. The database focuses on passenger car motor oil, light-duty vehicles, motorcycles, highway vehicles and off-highway vehicles, as well as agriculture and construction equipment.

The OATS database can assist you in:

  1. Comparing products
  2. Discovering the right lubricant product for a specific piece of equipment or vehicle
  3. Recommending the required tool for a specific vehicle, piece of equipment or application
  4. Answering questions regarding a wide range of application/equipment needs

The information is available immediately, so you can ask your local Co-op about any product you are using and discover if we can match the product or possibly even find a better solution. Ultimately, this is a huge time-saver for our members, especially when they need an answer quickly. We also offer oil analysis, in case you want to compare your old product to a new product you may be interested in.

OATS maintains relationships with OEMs across the world through acquisition of manuals that are made publicly available. Those manuals provide all the information needed to keep vehicles and equipment operating at peak performance. They then transfer that information into the OATS database.

OATS in Action

Let’s assume you have a John Deere tractor, and you need to know which oil you should be using. Our team will perform a search of the database and share the different applications, specifications and recommendations that work best for your tractor. It’s truly that simple.

There are three ways we can search for oil recommendations:

  1. Keyword search for equipment/vehicle make and model
  2. By lubricant specification
  3. By competitor's product

“OATS allows us to get immediate answers for the customer, so there’s no waiting for us to get the information and call them back,” says Bernie Dueck, Petroleum Manager at Clearview Co-op. “We’re able to cross-reference our oil against the specs of competitor products, and we can ensure we’ve matched the right lube to the customer’s machine, so they can feel confident in the advice they’re getting.”

As a Co-op Member, you can always count on getting the right answers to your questions. And with the OATS database in hand, we can deliver those answers faster than ever before.

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