Protect Your Equipment with Co-op Diesel Fuel

Protect Your Equipment with Co-op Diesel Fuel

On-farm fuel does more than power the equipment you use – it helps the long-term performance of your machinery. Co-op products meet or exceed fuel standards and include an additive package that protects your equipment.

Co-op® Premium Diesel

Co-op Premium Diesel is TOP TIERTM certified – the premium standard for diesel performance – and is recognized and endorsed by the world’s top engine manufacturers and automakers. We achieve this by producing a seasonally blended fuel that exceeds the diesel fuel specifications of the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) for several key performance traits.

When you choose Co-op Premium Diesel, you pay the regular diesel price for a fuel that outperforms the competition. Containing a powerful package of additives and detergents not available in standard competitor diesels, Co-op Premium Diesel guards your equipment against expensive repairs and unnecessary downtime – benefits that are available to you at no extra cost.

Co-op Premium Diesel is formulated to give you the most out of your diesel when you need it most – during your biggest projects, your longest hauls, and seeding and harvest seasons. Co-op fuel will take you further than competitive diesel products because it’s made for you.

Deposit control

Carbon deposits in your equipment’s fuel-delivery system can result in build-up that chokes or clogs injection systems. This can lead to a reduction in engine power, affecting acceleration, performance and efficiency.

Co-op Premium Diesel has a powerful detergent package, proven to improve fuel economy by up to five per cent. Co-op’s detergent package forms a protective film throughout the engine fuel system, from the fuel tank to the combustion chamber, which prevents deposits from forming and penetrates and removes existing deposits.

In testing, Co-op Premium Diesel removes existing deposits in as little as one to three tanks and offers the potential to fully restore all deposit-related power-loss within 32 hours of operation.

Enhanced lubricity

Fuel itself acts as a lubricator for fuel injector pumps. Minimum requirements for lubricity in fuel ensure reduced fuel system wear and lessen overall maintenance requirements for engine performance. Our diesel fuels contain enhanced lubricity additives to ensure that all fuels meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer requirements.

Stability improvers

Long storage times as well as the inclusion of biodiesel in diesel products can leave diesel fuel more susceptible to oxidation, which can lead to sediment formation and fuel filter blockage. It’s important to be sure that the fuel in your storage tanks will always be fit for use. Stability improvers in Co-op diesel help to enhance fuel stability, slow down the deterioration process and make sure that the fuel in your tanks last longer.

Corrosion inhibitors

Diesel fuel supply poses the risk of water entering the fuel, increasing the potential for surface corrosion of metal in fuel delivery and storage systems. Corrosion inhibitors provide a protective film over metal surfaces to guard against this type of damage.

Co-op® High Performance Diesel

Co-op High Performance Diesel is an ultra-low sulphur seasonal fuel blend that is adjusted, on average, 16 times per year. That means you receive optimal weather-related operability every time you fire up your machinery.

Co-op High Performance Diesel is engineered to meet or exceed the demanding diesel fuel specifications set by original equipment manufacturers (OEM), as well as, those of the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB), and delivers the following performance traits:

  • A cetane number that meets or exceeds CGSB specifications, resulting in quick ignition and improved cold-weather starts
    • Exceptional lubricity performance, as verified by independent, third-party testing. The use of lubricity additives also reduces fuel- component wear.
  • Tailored cloud and pour points to prevent the formations of wax and/or crystallization in diesel fuel.

Co-op High Performance Diesel contains less than 15 parts per million of sulphur, providing you with a cleaner burning fuel that reduces emissions and enhances engine performance.

Other features:

  • Ultra-low sulphur – Co-op High Performance Diesel is an ultra-low sulphur product, containing less than 10 milligrams per kilogram of sulphur to reduce vehicle emissions.
  • Higher cetane – Our diesel fuels have a cetane number that meets or exceeds minimum Canadian General Standards Board requirements, providing quick ignition and improved cold weather starts. Higher cetane levels increase fuel conversion efficiency, smooth engine operation, and reduce smoke emissions and vehicle noise.
  • Tailored cloud and pour points – Cloud and pour points are tailored to prevent the formation of waxes (solids) or crystallization in the diesel fuel, preventing clogging in fuel filters and injection systems in all weather conditions.

Choosing Co-op diesel fuels is a decision farmers can feel good about, providing high-performing protection for both legacy and modern equipment. Learn more about Co-op diesel fuels by contacting your local Co-op Fuel Team member.

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