Protect Your Equipment with Co-op Diesel Fuel

Protect Your Equipment with Co-op Diesel Fuel

When it comes to the productivity and efficiency of your operation, every decision counts. One of those decisions is how you fuel your equipment. You need to be sure that it will run efficiently and without unnecessary downtime, especially during your busiest seasons.

Count on your local Co-op to keep your equipment fueled with Co-op diesel that is refined in Western Canada for Western Canada. Co-op’s extensive fleet of petroleum delivery units is there to ensure your operation has the highest-quality, seasonally blended fuel right when you need it. Thanks to our mobile fuel-ordering solution, Co-op can quickly and effectively get the products you require to your farm.

Both CO-OP® Premium Diesel and CO-OP® High Performance Diesel are engineered to meet or exceed fuel specifications set by original equipment manufacturers (OEM), and those of the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB). Co-op diesel fuels are seasonally blended and include additive packages that protect your equipment. Speak with a Fuel Team member at your local Co-op to learn which diesel product is available in your area.

CO-OP® Premium Diesel

Co-op Premium Diesel provides more power, extra protection and better performance without a premium price tag. Here are just a few of the benefits that Co-op Premium Diesel offers:

  • Cleans fuel injectors and keeps them clean
  • Fuel economy improvement
  • Power and torque improvement
  • Seasonally blended
  • Fuel system cleanliness and protection
  • Fuel stability and storage life improvement

Co-op Premium Diesel also contains water dispersants and fuel stabilizers to control moisture in storage and fuel tanks, preserving fuel quality for longer.

Click here to learn more about how Co-op Premium Diesel can maximize output, improve fuel economy and protect your equipment against fuel deposits. For more information on Co-op's competitive fuel quality features, click here.

CO-OP® High Performance Diesel

Co-op High Performance Diesel is an ultra-low sulphur seasonal fuel blend that is adjusted, on average, 16 times per year. That means you receive optimal weather-related operability every time you fire up your machinery. For more information on Co-op's seasonal fuel adjustments, click here.

Co-op High Performance Diesel is engineered to deliver the following performance traits:

  • A cetane number that meets or exceeds Canadian General Standards Board specifications, resulting in quick ignition and improved cold-weather starts.
  • Exceptional lubricity performance, as verified by independent, third-party testing. Using lubricity additives also reduces fuel-component wear.
  • Tailored cloud and pour points to prevent the formations of wax and/or crystallization in diesel fuel.

Co-op High Performance Diesel contains less than 15 parts per million of sulphur, providing you with a cleaner burning fuel that reduces emissions and enhances engine performance.

Choosing Co-op diesel fuels provide high-performing protection for both legacy and modern equipment. Learn more about Co-op diesel fuels by contacting your local Co-op.

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