Reformulated D-MO Oils

Reformulated D-MO Oils

In order to comply with updated emission and fuel economy standards, equipment manufacturers have introduced new diesel engine designs for 2017.

With advanced combustion design, added active oil temperature control and variable-valve timing, these machines demand a modern diesel motor oil.

Enter CO-OP® D-MO® Oil

The reformulated CO-OP D-MO Oil is designed for use in all naturally aspirated, high-output and turbo-charged four-stroke diesel motors, including those requiring the new API CK-4 performance specification.

Exceptional thermal and oxidative stability means D-MO CK-4 maintains its oil integrity in high-temperature, extreme operating conditions, making it an effective tool for on-farm and heavy equipment jobs in Western Canada.

1. Why is a new diesel engine oil required?

Co-op’s diesel engine oils have been reformulated to improve efficiencies within the engine in order to meet tighter fuel economy and emission regulations.

2. Why is there a need for two diesel engine oil performance specifications, CK-4 and FA-4?

In order to achieve the new fuel efficiency standards for both on- and off-road engines, the new performance specification was split into two categories:

  • Surpasses the previous diesel engine oil performance specification CJ-4
  • Fully backwards compatible
  • On and off-road engine compliable
  • Provides improved engine protection
  • Unique diesel engine oil performance specification
  • Limited backwards compatibility with specific OEMs
  • Designed for 2017 and newer on-road engines
  • Provides greater fuel economy for on-highway operations

*Note: At this time Co-op has not yet determined that having an FA-4 product is needed for our market.

3. What are the benefits of using the new D-MO CK-4 diesel engine oil?

The new D-MO CK-4 formula provides significant benefits in:

  • Durability and wear protection – Improved engine component protection
  • Contamination control – Maintains full oil flow in harsh operating conditions
  • Shear stability – Prevents oil thinning at higher temperatures
  • Viscosity loss prevention – Oil resists breaking down and remains in grade longer
  • Deposit formation protection – Prevention of sludge/deposits on pistons
  • Aeration control – Reduces oil foaming and prevents pump cavitation

These performance features add up to improved wear protection and longer engine life, which can extend oil drain intervals and result in longer operating hours. The new D-MO CK-4 oil will excel in several makes and models of on- and off-highway semi-tractor trailers, heavy-duty diesel trucks and large agricultural/industrial diesel engines.

4. What are the licensing and testing requirements for the new diesel engine oil formulations?

To meet the new performance specifications, D-MO CK-4 oil has been rigorously tested to ensure that it meets the American Petroleum Institute (API) requirements. It has also undergone Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) field and lab tests to be fully licensed and approved for use in several OEM engines.

Visit your local retail Co-op to experience the new D-MO CK-4 diesel motor oil today!

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