Transmission Hydraulic Fluids

Transmission Hydraulic Fluids

Heavy-duty continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) are being used in several types of agricultural and construction equipment today, giving operators a mechanically efficient and productive operation with increased horsepower and torque and heavier loading capacities.

Specific heavy-duty CVTs require a transmission hydraulic fluid that is capable of handling increased stress and pressure with more shear stability and resistance to fluid deterioration.

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Fluid selection is critical to the proper operation of your equipment and is necessary to protect your warranty. Using an incorrect transmission hydraulic fluid can create a number of short- and/or long-term issues, including:

  • Premature gear wear
  • Internal component corrosion
  • Premature fluid thinning
  • Higher operating temperatures
  • Shortened oil drain intervals
  • Hydraulic cavitation and brake chatter

Transmission Hydraulic Fluids

T-HF (Transmission Hydraulic Fluid) products are premium-performing, heavy-duty fluids that provide superior performance and protection for your equipment. They have been tested against the performance standards of industry-leading original equipment manufacturers (OEM) that recommend a high-performing single fluid for a common oil reservoir system.

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