Growing expertise

Growing expertise

If there’s one certainty in farming, it’s that change is constant.

That’s why keeping up with new technologies and advances in seed, equipment and inputs can be the difference between a good crop and a great one. With new information arriving all the time, staying informed is a team effort – one that takes help from engaged experts. That’s where Grow Team members like Rahul Patel, an Agronomist at Pioneer Co-op since 2012, come in.

Up-to-date knowledge

“Farmers do like to learn every day, so as a professional I try to keep myself up to date with present research and technology advancement,” Patel said.

Staying on top of research is the key to success. “Being a professional agrologist and Certified Crop Advisor along with being a 4R Nutrient Management Specialist, I try to maintain my professional development credit hours by attending webinars and in-person events,” he said.

Constant education in areas of nutrient and pest management, crop management as well as in soil and water management means Patel is equipped with the latest information to help local farmers improve their crop production.

On the cutting edge, field-scale trials conducted with different farmers in his region mean that Patel can check the efficacy of different crop input products and share his analysis with growers in a meeting he organises every year. That’s learning in the field.

Customized solutions

Want to optimize your yield, quality and profitability while minimizing environmental impacts? Co-op can help. “As a Co-op Grow Team Agronomist, I help farmers to achieve their goals in sustainable crop production for their operation every year,” he explained.

The Co-op Grow Team takes a personalized approach in helping farmers plan crops and guiding them through the best practices for their fields, whether that’s pest management, nutrient management, crop rotations and more. And while digital tools like Co-op AgZone FIELD allow agrologists like Patel to evaluate the present situation, he also spends time right on the ground.

“I like to walk along with farmers in their fields so that I can pass along what I notice every day,” he explained. “So then they can learn and make decisions on changing crop management practices for their next season’s crops.”

Planning for next season, every season

The hundreds of Grow Team members across Western Canada are here to provide informed advice and innovative, data-driven recommendations to help you optimize your yields and achieve a sustainable and profitable operation.

In addition to expertise in soil science, crop nutrition, pest management and plant genetics, they can provide customized crop input cost analysis to help you make sound decisions from the beginning of seeding to harvest and beyond.

Talk to your Co-op Grow Team for information on when to book crop input supplies to stay on track during your busy seeding and harvest seasons.

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