Order and pick up fertilizer at Co-op

Order and pick up fertilizer at Co-op

Co-op’s three high-throughput fertilizer terminals in Western Canada are shifting into high gear to serve Western Canadian farmers.

Co-op fertilizer terminals in Hanley, Sask., Brandon, Man., and Grassy Lake, Alta., are distributing a complete suite of crop nutrition products throughout Western Canada.

A steady flow of traffic in and out of the facility will keep Co-op Agro Centres supplied with the important crop nutrition products that producers need, but if you’re in the neighbourhood, you can also pick up fertilizer at the facilities yourself.

World-class facilities: Each terminal is equipped with a state-of-the-art loading and blending system. Both terminals can load a super B trailer of blended fertilizer in 10 minutes and dispense up to 400 metric tonnes of straight fertilizer in an hour.

Service when you need it: To help you get the job done, both terminals will provide extended operating hours during peak seasons.

High-quality products: Both facilities feature cleanout stations that meet EHS standards and covered load-out areas that ensure you receive the highest quality products possible.

How to order and pick up

Want to pick up fertilizer from one of our terminals? Here is what you need to know:

  • Contact your local Co-op to schedule an appointment.
  • When you arrive on site, check in at the front office.
  • Trucks will be staged and called up to load as scheduled.

What you’ll need

To pick up product directly from either terminal, the following is required:

  • At minimum, a five-axle highway unit
  • Liability insurance vetted by your local Co-op
  • Personal protective equipment (hard hat, high-visibility clothing, gloves, glasses and steel-toed boots)

Co-op’s new high-throughput fertilizer terminals are now warehousing, blending and distributing a complete suite of crop nutrition products. To order fertilizer for your farm, contact your local Co-op Grow Team.

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