Protect wheat crops with new fungicide

Protect wheat crops with new fungicide

For Co-op, bringing the latest products and technology to our grower-customers is always top of mind. This is why we established the Innovation Launch Program in 2016. Through this program, Co-op works closely with manufacturers to launch innovative products into the Western Canadian marketplace.

We’re actively engaged in testing these products in our internal trials prior to launch. As an early adopter, Co-op is providing growers with first access to the latest solutions for their farms.

What is Miravis Ace?

Co-op is working closely with Syngenta Canada to bring Miravis Ace fungicide to Western Canadian farms this growing season. As one member of the new Miravis family of products, Miravis Ace brings a new mode of action to help growers manage fusarium head blight (FHB) in wheat.

When it comes to FHB, the premix of propiconazole and Adepidyn fungicides found in Miravis Ace provides growers with a wider window of application and extended protection against all types of fusarium, including Fusarium graminearum, Fusarium avenaceum, Fusarium culmorum and Fusarium poae.

Adepidyn is a Group 7 carboxamide fungicide with a succinate dehydrogenase inhibitor (SDHI) mode of action, bringing power, spectrum and stamina to wheat growers across Canada. By reducing the production of mycotoxins such as deoxynivalenol (DON), Miravis Ace prevents FHB infection, protecting the grain’s end use and marketing potential. As an alternative to the predominantly used Group 3s, Miravis Ace will be a strong rotational partner for growers across the Prairies.

What does this mean for you?

With resistance on the rise in Canada, it’s important to introduce different modes of action into your crop rotation to limit the amount of time diseases are exposed to any one product.

Innovations in crop inputs, such as Miravis Ace, help to provide you with alternative modes of action to combat resistance and ultimately increase yield. Its long-lasting activity protects wheat acres from infection and loss of grade in higher-risk conditions such as hot, humid or wet weather during head emergence and flowering.

Not only does Miravis Ace unlock a new way to manage FHB and other late-infecting, established diseases in wheat, but it also provides a higher level of consistency versus the competition throughout the labelled application window.

As one of the new products in Co-op’s Innovation Launch Program, Miravis Ace will be a valuable tool for wheat growers across Canada in the 2020 growing season.

To learn more about Co-op’s Innovation Launch Program or Miravis Ace, contact your local Grow Team member.

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