Total Equipment Protection

Total Equipment Protection

Co-op Premium Lubricants are designed to withstand the toughest manufacturer tests and provide the ultimate in durability and protection.

Diesel Motor Oil

D-MO (Diesel Motor Oil) products are formulated to meet the most stringent specifications of the new CK-4 performance-service classification from the American Petroleum Institute (API). 

Transmission Hydraulic Fluids

T-HF (Transmission Hydraulic Fluid) products are premium-performing, heavy-duty fluids that provide superior performance and protection for your equipment. They have been tested against the performance standards of industry-leading original equipment manufacturers (OEM) that recommend a high-performing single fluid for a common oil reservoir system.


Grease includes a premium additive package that provides extreme pressure (EP) protection for equipment under heavy load and severe stress conditions. A wide operating range allows you to maintain peak performance in both high and low temperatures.

Have your oil tested

Pick up an oil analysis sample kit at participating Co-op locations. Take the preventative measures to ensure your equipment is protected and running at peak performance while avoiding unnecessary down time. Doing so will allow your operations to be more productive and profitable.

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